Gedetineerde Nasir

RAP – Persecuted

My life is so tragic it’s almost comical

Like a blind oracle wearing a monocle

Or a follicle amoeba surviving horrible

Obstacles in a tropical forest hit by a comet fall

Is it possible or logical that a colorful

Volatile mortal soul lost it all to a hospital

That’s right I said hospital, aka powerful

Profi t driven corporation and their assailants

Who tortured me whilst incarcerated and under surveillance

Instead of curing me of my ailments

They decimated, defecated on and desecrated

All that is holy, isolated from those who know me

They show me the full extend of their reach

I’m under siege, I can’t breathe, it feels like underneath

A hundred feet of rubble, persecuted, this is my struggle

Dazed and confused I’m seeing double, no I see trouble

On the horizon and beyond the constellation of orion

The milky way, how irrelevant would it be if I got killed today

Or framed in a fi lthy way, innocent or guilty they

Are determined to end me, while acting kind and friendly

Drunk on power, blinded by greed and envy

Their minds are fi lled with plots and schemes, but their hearts are empty

You want to hear more, make your entry

Sit back, relax, enjoy the scandal of the century

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